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Why Regular Solar System Service Maintenance is Important

Alternative energy’s importance has never been more apparent. Finding viable sources for power that don’t rely on fossil fuels is now imperative for the future well-being of the planet. Solar and wind are two of the most readily available natural resources. For private homes, businesses, and agricultural operations, installing a solar array makes sense for the environmental benefits, energy cost savings, and energy storage capabilities. Once you’re using solar as your primary energy source, it’s essential to perform solar system service maintenance. Regular service will keep your solar array operating at peak efficiency and extend its operational lifespan.

Keep panels clean.

It sounds intuitive, but much like keeping the gutters clean, it’s one of those seasonal chores that are easy to forget. Solar arrays installed on an incline benefit from rainfall clearing accumulated debris and reducing the amount of maintenance you need to do on your own.

But dust and leaves can compromise the array’s performance, as well as heavy snowfall. Two to four times a year, rinse the panels with a hose or wipe with an extendable squeegee to make sure they’re clean and operating at peak capability. Letting dirt and dust build up for months at a time will compromise the benefits you get from solar energy.

Solar Industry At Work. Brian Lawson and Kenesaw Burwell work on panels that the Energy Department is using to leverage a Power Purchase Agreement with Sun Edison and Xcel Energy.

Promptly replace and repair damaged panels.

Solar panels can withstand even hurricanes, so broken panels should be infrequent. But with more extreme weather moving up the East Coast every year, high winds carrying heavy debris could damage your array.

One wrecked panel can cause consequences for the rest of the array, so it’s essential to have a technician out to perform solar system service maintenance right away.

Only certified technicians should work on your array.

If you considered installing your own solar panels and then saw the equipment and skill required, you may already know that it’s better to skip the DIY for solar system service maintenance. Manufacturers designed solar panels to operate with minimal upkeep, but that doesn’t mean they’re simple devices.

Certified technicians will ensure you don’t inadvertently void your warranty or do more damage by trying to troubleshoot on your own. If you suspect your system may have a problem with the wiring or isn’t running efficiently, schedule solar system service maintenance with your installer.

Solar Industry At Work. Steven Bohn, an engineer at SunEdison oversees SunEdison's testing facility at SolarTAC in Aurora, CO. The SolarTAC mission is to increase the efficiency of solar energy products and rapidly deploy them to the commercial market.

Schedule regular performance monitoring.

Once a year, schedule performance monitoring with the company that installed your array. They’ll identify if the panels are generating the expected output and troubleshoot any issues they may find.

This annual service is one of the most critical proactive solar system service maintenance actions you can take. Regular upkeep will keep your solar panels operating at peak efficiency for decades. By staying current with a simple service schedule, you’re investing in your array’s longevity and maximizing the cost savings solar energy offers.

Star Enrg designs and installs custom arrays that make solar system service maintenance easy.

Star Eng is proud to serve the DelMarVa area, offering clean energy solutions for residential, commercial, and agricultural properties. We take a holistic approach to combining solar energy’s main concepts: energy generation, energy savings, energy storage, and systems performance monitoring. We take time during every consultation to understand our customer’s unique needs and design a system that meets their goals. Then, our expert team installs the array and monitors it to ensure it’s performing as expected.

Solar energy is the future, and Star Eng connects customers in Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia with the latest technology to power your home, business, or agricultural property. Plus, our online portal makes it easy to request solar system service maintenance. Get started with a property assessment with our team today.

Image of a man on a roof performing solar system service maintenance.