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What we offer

Star Enrg designs and installs custom commercial and agricultural solar energy systems just for you

Superior Commercial Solar Panel Installations

Let Star Enrg help you take advantage of solar power by providing ground-mounted or roof mounted solar installations for your business. You can become your own power company. We provide remote metering services and off-site installations. We will design the project and purchase or lease program that works for you.

Star Enrg 37 5kW Commercial Installation just completed ready for
How it works
Benefits of Solar Panel Installations for Your Business

Reduce business costs with energy-efficient options and take advantage of:

• State rebates and incentives
• Federal tax credits
• Investment returns within five years
• Off-site installations

Solar for You and Your Farm.

Solar for your Farm is as much about using clean energy as it is the enormous financial returns availabe to you. Solar Energy fixes your energy costs for your Future. Get in touch with us and we'll come to your site to evaluate your property and requirements so you can become your own power company.

Star Enrg Solar Installations will provide a Long Term Reliable Energy Solution.

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How it works
Benefits of Our Agricultural Solar Installations

We can provide ground-mounted solar installations for your agricultural property. Take advantage of our:

• USDA grants
• State rebates and incentives
• Federal tax credits
• Remote metering
• Off-site installations

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Feel free to give us a call or send us an email with any questions or comments you have.