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Welcome to the World of Star Enrg Solar Energy Service

Focused on providing the latest solar energy technologies to the people of Delaware, Star Enrg has made it its mission to help both residents and commercial establishments in their energy requirements through the provision of clean and sustainable solar power.

Benefits for everyone

The advantages of using solar energy are many, and these can benefit both residents and businesses. Aside from the solar tax credit that you can file with your yearly federal tax return, solar energy provides the following benefits:

Cuts energy costs and reduces or eliminates electric bills

Electricity bills usually comprise a major chunk of monthly expenses. But with a solar panel system, everyone can save energy and money – whether you’re a homeowner, a businessperson or the owner of a nonprofit. A solar energy generation system enables you to produce free power for as long as 25+ years.

But even if you only go partially solar, augmenting your energy supply with solar power can significantly reduce your electricity consumption. This is the primary reason why homes with built-in solar power energy sources tend to sell at far better prices (as much as $15,000) in real estate.

At Star Enrg, we provide custom solar installation services for residents, farm businesses and commercial establishments. This way, you can have additional benefits in the form of USDA grants (for agribusinesses), state rebates and incentives, and so much more.

Boosts employee morale and community goodwill

Establishments that show commitment to environmental protection and sustainability also positively impact employee morale, motivation and productivity. 

The same can be said about eco-conscious businesses that earn the trust and goodwill of the communities where they operate. This translates into the improvement of business results and sales performance, as consumers and communities tend to recognize and reward companies that make an effort to operate their business responsibly.

Being in this business, we've personally experienced this feeling of pride and joy in the projects we finish. We feel we're succeeding when potential clients approach us and express their interest in solar energy. In fact, we're very committed to our goal of helping others make a difference by encouraging referrals and rewarding those who do through our Star Power Referral Program.

Great ROI for the present and the future

A solar energy system is not an added expense; rather, it’s a wise investment today and for the future. Based on calculations, the average American homeowner gets to pay off their solar panel system in about seven to eight years (or earlier) and enjoy a return of investment of at least 20 percent.

On top of this, by investing in solar, you know you’re also investing in your children’s future by using clean, sustainable energy and reducing your carbon emissions. You’re also future-proofing your household or business from rising energy costs.

For businesses, adopting solar power early on also makes you more competitive as it usually results in more business, reduced operational costs and an increase in your bottom line. After all, going solar essentially makes you your own power company! And we can help you with our off-site installation and remote metering services. We can even design the project for you.

Solar energy services in Delaware by Star Enrg

Starting from our humble desire to help our community and protect the environment, Star Enrg has grown into a major solar energy services provider in the state of Delaware.

In fact, our solar energy grid is now 1,500 systems strong … and it's still growing!

Be part of this noble endeavor and experience the benefits solar power can provide your family or your business.

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