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Is it Worth it to Upgrade an Older Solar Panel Array?

Clean energy is the name of the game in the 21st century—both for the wellbeing of our planet and our wallets. If you’ve already made the switch to solar energy for your home, business, or both, then you’re well aware of the numerous lifestyle and monetary benefits solar energy can offer home and business owners.

However, depending on how long you’ve had your solar panel array, it may be time for some solar panel upgrades. If your solar panels are dropping in performance and power output, have physical damage, or show general signs of aging, some upgrades may be wealth worth your while. But how can you be sure it's worth the time, money, and effort to repair or upgrade your solar panel array? Below, our trusted team at Star Enrg has outlined some key benefits of conducting solar panel upgrades.

Increased power output

On a clear, sunny day, your solar panels should be generating at least 80% of their projected power output. If your current solar panel array is falling well below that mark, you should consider upgrading your solar panels to increase their power output.

Additionally, when installing a custom solar panel array, your technician should gear those panels towards your exact power usage needs. However, over time, our needs change, and it’s likely your power usage changes too. When you upgrade your solar panel array, you can make improvements or even add new panels to increase their power output—allowing for more energy consumption or even extra power output that you can sell back to your utilities company in exchange for a reduction in your monthly utility bill cost.

Upgrades now can save you later

Over time, normal wear and tear affects the functionality of your solar panels and their various parts. PV panels, inverters, batteries, the inner workings of your solar panel array naturally deteriorate with age. Moreover, as time goes on, the panels themselves can develop tiny cracks (microcracks) in their silicon solar cells. These microcracks effectively weaken the existing electrical connections between solar cells, slowly draining your solar panels. These microcracks gradually wear down your solar panel array’s ability to convert solar energy into electricity.

A recent study shows that solar panels degrade at about 0.5% per year, meaning after 10 years you could be looking at a total power output loss of 5%. That may not seem significant but it can radically cut back your savings on energy output and the functionality of your energy system. Thus, repairing your solar panels now can save you from having to buy a completely new array later.

To boot, solar panels are a newer technology and a constant source of innovation in the clean energy field. This means that their tech is frequently updated and improved, thus, making it in your best interest to stay on top of maintenance and even replace them as time goes on. New solar panel tech is far more advanced, compact, and aesthetically pleasing than their older counterparts.

Make necessary solar panel upgrades with Delaware’s premier clean energy installers

Solar panels are not only good for the planet but for your bank account too, radically cutting your monthly energy expenses. However, when dealing with such new and sophisticated tech, it’s vital to work with the best of the best. Our team at Star Enrg is extremely skilled and can service any solar system under warranty, increase the power and efficiency of an existing solar system, or design and install an entirely new system for you.

Whatever your solar power needs, reach out to Star Enrg today to schedule an assessment and receive a reliable quote!