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Do solar installers in Delaware customize arrays to your home?

More people than ever are switching to solar because of increasing energy uncertainty and rising energy costs. Solar is the answer when you’re ready to start saving on your electric bill and have a reliable power source for your property. It’s common for property owners to have questions about the impact of a solar array on their home or business. You may wonder if solar panels will meet your energy needs or if your structure will be able to support the weight of an array. Solar installers in Delaware can customize solar for your home or business to ensure it meets your unique needs.

Can you DIY your solar installation?

You can find DIY kits on the market for installing solar panels. Those with experience in home renovation projects might consider buying equipment to do it themselves.

However, professional solar installers in Delaware warn homeowners against going the DIY route. One of the biggest reasons is that solar arrays can be dangerous if not installed correctly. They can also damage your roof and, ultimately, the underlying structures in your property.

Solar panel installation

Solar installers undergo rigorous training and certifications to demonstrate they understand the operation and installation of solar panels. It can also be challenging for homeowners to purchase the right system for their energy needs. When you buy an array from a solar installer in Delaware, they handle everything from safe installation to identifying local and federal rebates and incentive programs to save homeowners money.

What parts of an array get customized to a property?

When you see solar panels on your neighbor’s property, it might seem like a solar company just filled the available roof space with panels. However, strategic planning goes into every aspect of designing and installing a solar array to ensure it provides the expected benefits for a homeowner. These are just a few aspects of solar installation that get customized to a property.

The number of solar panels in the array

Many factors determine how many solar panels you’ll need to install on your roof. You may need more or fewer panels than your neighbors right next door.

  • Your goals with solar: if you’re trying to reduce your energy costs versus eliminating them dictates the size of your array.
  • Your energy consumption: a solar installer will review your energy bills for the entire year to determine how much energy you’ll need. Charging an electric vehicle at home will also get included in your consumption calculations.
  • Where you’re located: it makes sense that solar panels in Nevada will generate more power than those in Maryland. Still, even factors like your property’s tree cover will affect how many solar panels you need.

It takes expertise and experience to accurately calculate how many solar panels a homeowner will need to meet their energy goals.

Where the array will be installed

Based on your property’s location, a skilled solar installer will pick the ideal part of your roof to generate the most power over the day and throughout the year. The goal is to minimize the number of solar panels and the size of the array while still generating the amount of power you need to meet your goals.

It’s one of the reasons working with professionals for solar installation is so beneficial. When you DIY, you may not be maximizing the potential of individual panels to generate power for your home.

Worker installing solar panels on a roof

Schedule an assessment with Delaware’s preferred solar installer, Star Enrg, for residential and commercial properties.

We evaluate properties for new solar array installation and can optimize existing arrays for greater power and efficiency. Star Enrg operates from the four principles of solar energy; generation, savings, storage, and system performance monitoring. We believe solar is the answer to energy generation for residential and commercial properties. Our team works with our customers to make the transition to solar power easy and rewarding. We do everything from custom array design and installation to finding the available incentives in your area. Star Enrg works across Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia, helping customers switch to green energy solutions.

If you’re interested in solar energy for your home or business, schedule an assessment with our Delaware solar installers.

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