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Should You Look into Home Solar Installation?

Renewable energy resources have become exceedingly cheaper than fossil fuels over the past few years. This is due in part to reduced solar costs. In most cases, installing a rooftop solar panel system will generate more value than staying connected to your current utility provider. But that doesn’t mean that solar is the right choice for everyone.

This article will explain whether you should look into a home solar installation.

When is home solar installation worth it?

There are several factors that can help you decide whether solar is right for your home. These include:

  • You have high electricity bills.
  • You qualify for solar incentives, rebates, or exemptions.
  • Your roof receives sufficient sunlight and has a large surface area.
  • Your roof faces south or west.

High electricity bills

If you have high electricity bills and use a lot of energy, installing solar for your home may be right. You can find out how much electricity you’re using on your most recent energy bill, typically under “billing period,” where you can see a figure labeled kilowatt-hour (kWh) used. If you’re using above 500 kWh, you are likely a good candidate for solar.

Keep in mind, though, that solar installation can come with a hefty price tag, as you have to pay for solar, time, labor, and permits.

Solar incentives and rebates

Net metering is an arrangement where the excess energy your solar energy system produces is measured by your utility company and subtracted from your monthly electricity bill. Simply put, you pay for the “net” value of the electricity you consume. Most states have electricity buy-back programs, but the policy varies from state to state.

In the U.S., the average buy-back rate is around 75% of the retail value of surplus electricity. Some states encourage homeowners to install solar panels by offering a one-to-one credit, while other states may buy your energy at a wholesale rate.

If the state you live in does not offer net metering or buy-back programs, you will not get as much of a return on your investment (ROI). You can also consider purchasing a solar battery to maximize your system’s efficiency, but it’s not a financially savvy move for every homeowner.

Sun exposure on your roof

Another critical factor in determining whether solar is for you is to evaluate your roof and how much sun exposure it gets. Typically, south and west-facing roofs are the best directions for solar panels, as these receive the most direct sunlight in the northern hemisphere. Your solar panel system will need direct sunlight for the majority of the day to be able to power your home.

You will also need to ensure that your roof has the space for a full array of solar panels. A five kW system will require at least 15 panels, and rooftops with obstructions like chimneys take up most of the available space.

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