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Planning estimates for solar power? Discover the best time of year to install solar

Regardless of the time of year, going solar anytime can help homeowners and business owners secure massive savings in monthly utility bills. And these days, there are many options to choose from, including roof mounted panels, ground mounts, and more.

Here at Star Enrg, we’ve installed solar energy systems regionally in Delaware with over 1500 systems under warranty. Although going solar anytime is a good idea, there are a few reasons why our team recommends getting set up with solar in winter. Before you round up your estimates for solar power, check out why it’s best to start planning in the colder months:

1. Less demand = lower cost

If you initially thought that summer was the best time of year to install solar panels, you’re not alone. We see a huge upswing of new customers in summer months. After all, summer brings higher temperatures, which demands a lot of electricity to keep homes and buildings cool.

But since there’s less demand in winter, you can usually score a better overall deal on your solar installation. When you’re planning to go solar in winter, we suggest gathering estimates for solar power in Delaware during fall. Remember that installing solar does take some time, and you may need to file paperwork with government agencies and/or the local utility companies before your solar company can get started.

2. Going solar in winter usually means a faster installation

With fewer people shopping for solar in winter, this means you’re competing against fewer homeowners and business owners. Simple supply and demand comes into play: during summer, you can expect to see much longer wait times.

The colder months are typically the slowest times of the year for solar installation companies, which you can greatly benefit from if you start reaching out for solar power estimates in fall. At Star Enrg, we’re proud to have a fast turnaround time regardless of the time of year. Once we’ve filed the necessary paperwork on your behalf, we can quickly get you set up. We’ll also work to make sure you can take advantage of every tax credit and incentive available to you.

3. Installing solar in winter ensures you’re fully prepared for summer

As we mentioned above, we typically see a huge rush of new customers during the warmer months. Homeowners and business owners no doubt want to make sure they’re prepared for the heat, but it’s important to remember you may face longer lead times if you start gathering estimates for solar power in spring or summer.

When you go solar during the winter months, you can rest assured knowing that you’re fully prepared for summer. You’ll be able to use your air conditioning and enjoy massive savings while others are scrambling to beat the solar rush.

Another thing to keep in mind is that solar panels still generate electricity in winter, allowing you to secure savings on your monthly bills sooner than you think. Not only that, but solar panels actually operate more efficiently in colder weather. Solar panels are also able to capture any sunlight that reflects off the snow, which adds to the overall energy they generate throughout the day.

Seeking estimates for solar power in Delaware? Get in touch today

Star Enrg is a leading provider of solar panel installation throughout Delaware. We offer a streamlined installation process for homes, commercial buildings, and agriculture. Our professional team handles every step of the process, including securing permits and grants.

If you’re seeking estimates for solar power in Delaware, reach out today.

Planning estimates for solar power? Discover the best time of year to install solar