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How often should you have your solar array performance tested?

Solar power has been a welcome development in both residential and commercial environments. Installed properly, solar panels can provide your property with cheap, renewable solar energy for the next few decades.

But a key question is, how often should their performance be tested? Are solar arrays like your car, requiring regular maintenance to stay in tiptop shape? Or are we supposed to just let them be?

While solar panels generally require very little maintenance, it’s important to run a few performance tests now and then to ensure they are running in peak condition. So how often should you schedule performance tests for your solar array? Here’s what you need to know.

First things first…

Anything that involves testing your solar array should be done by a professional. Unauthorized testing, especially when you don't know what you’re doing, can void the warranty and worse, sometimes lead to expensive damage.

At Star Enrg, we provide complete Solar Energy Systems in both residential and commercial settings. Across our operating region, we have over 1500 systems under warranty.

Now, back to the question. Usually, the only time you might worry about conducting a performance test on your solar array is if the system is not performing well. This is what gets you wondering.

So how do I know if my system is performing well?

The best way is to check out the power output over the last few months. If the energy consumption has been relatively constant over that period, then you can easily compare the monthly outputs and see if there has been a marked drop.

Thankfully, many of the solar array systems installed today come with monitoring software, so you don’t have to do your checks manually.

If you notice that the output generated has decreased, that’s a good time to contact the provider to run some performance tests. It may be that there’s a maintenance issue compromising the system.

Check out the array after heavy weather events

Inclement weather can cause your solar power system to perform subpar. For example, prolonged periods of heavy snowfall can lead to a buildup that hinders the solar panels from receiving optimal sunlight. This in turn impacts the performance of the system.

That’s why if there’s any bad weather event in your area, it’s good practice to call in a technician to come take a look and ensure the array was not affected.

When do I need to get my solar panels serviced?

Servicing is not the same as conducting a performance test. However, your technician will usually run a few performance tests during a scheduled servicing session.

How often to schedule servicing for your solar panels will depend on your solar provider’s terms. Some companies require only annual inspections, while others may require bi-annual or even quarterly checks.

Why Star Enrg?

At Star Enrg, we make sure to provide the best solar experience for our clients. Whether for powering your farm, factory, warehouse, or home, our Solar Power Systems are designed for you!

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Schedule your performance tests for solar array with us today!

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