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The Many Benefits of Agricultural Solar Installations

As people continue to grow more cognizant of their impact on the environment, the push for green and renewable energy has grown more widespread. New forms of energy creation are becoming more popular throughout Delaware, but one of the most common is solar energy.

The technology behind this renewable energy has gotten better in recent years, and now, it’s being used to power homes, businesses, and even vehicles. Another common application that is often overlooked is agricultural solar installations, but if you’re a farmer, then you really need to understand how beneficial they can be for you.

Why farmers need agricultural solar installations.

They come with numerous financial incentives.

One of the biggest hurdles many farmers face when deciding on going solar is the initial cost of the agricultural solar installations. While this is understandable, it’s important to note that various rebates and incentive programs make the upfront investment less costly.

The federal solar tax credit can help you reduce the cost of your new system by 26 percent. Plus, once your solar system is up and running, you can take advantage of Delaware’s net metering policy. That means you can sell any extra energy you create back to the grid, which further reduces the long-term costs.

Solar installations are fantastic for the environment.

As a farmer, you likely have a very close relationship to your local environment, and if you want to preserve it, then switching to agricultural solar installations is a fantastic option. Solar energy is renewable and generates far less pollution than fossil fuels, so you’ll be contributing to helping protect the world from the adverse effects of climate change and global warming.

Bees pollinating the white flowers on a Choisya Ternata

However, you’ll also have a positive impact on your local environment. You can grow native plants beneath your solar panels to attract a healthier population of pollinators. This increases pollination around your farm, bolsters your overall crop yield, and helps combat soil erosion.

Agricultural solar installations are highly versatile.

Farmers can use solar energy in numerous ways around the farm and improve their overall productivity. The most common use is to power your home for day-to-day activities using the clean energy your system creates. However, there are also other ways this type of reliable power can help.

You can use it to create comfortable conditions in animal structures by powering the lighting, ventilation, heating and cooling systems, and even the irrigation. Similarly, solar energy is perfect for powering your electric fences. It’s a steady and reliable source of energy, so you won’t have to worry about it failing. That gives you peace of mind knowing that your animals won’t wander off.

Have you been considering converting your farm to solar power?

Then reach out to the team of solar experts here at Star Enrg. As one of Delaware’s leading provides of all things solar power, we’ve helped set up and maintain over 1,500 systems throughout the region. Many of those systems belong to local farmers, and we can help get you set up with ground-mounted and roof-mounted installations on your farm.

We start by performing an assessment of your farm to figure out which system is best, and then we’ll handle the complete setup on your behalf. Beyond the installation, we also assist with securing all of the incentives and rebates you qualify for and provide ongoing service to systems under our warranty. Learn more about how we help farmers, or you can message us online to schedule your assessment.

Agricultural solar installations are significant benefits to local farms.