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4 Fun Facts About Star Energy Solar

Solar energy has taken the country by storm, and it shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. This green, renewable energy has only gotten more inclusive as the technology continues to advance and it becomes increasingly affordable to everyday home and business owners.

However, the surge in solar energy usage has also seen many new solar businesses entering the marketplace. That makes it challenging to find the right provider for your needs, but if you can rely on one name for outstanding products and fantastic service, it's Star Energy Solar. If you're considering going green, it pays to know the provider you're partnering with, which is why we want to share some fun facts you should know about our company.

Things to know about Star Energy Solar.

We have you covered no matter your needs.

Many solar companies out there only specialize in one type of solar energy solution, which is understandable. The solar energy needs of a small residential home vary drastically from that of a large commercial facility or agricultural farm. However, if you choose to partner with Star Solar Energy, you can rest assured knowing we can handle any type of job. We offer all kinds of services, from simple residential installs to more complex commercial solutions and specialized systems for agriculture. It doesn't matter what project you want done; we can handle it to perfection.

We'll save you money.

It doesn't matter what your budget is for your new solar solution. We're confident that, in the end, you'll end up in the green in more ways than one. We can custom-tailor your new solar system to specifically fit your needs so you can start saving money on your monthly energy bills moving forward. You might even generate enough energy to take advantage of net metering, which can further pad your bottom line. If you're concerned about the upfront costs of getting started, we have you covered there as well. We offer a complimentary solar site study, so you understand precisely what to expect from your new system.

Man at work on the installation of solar panels

We offer true turnkey solutions.

When you partner with Star Energy Solar, our experts take care of all your green energy needs. We go well beyond the initial installation of your system. We offer a site study to ensure solar is a viable solution for you, set you up with the right system, and help engineer the best storage solution possible. After the installation, we continue to provide ongoing maintenance on your system. In fact, we have over 1,800 systems under warranty right now, so you know you'll get the best service possible.

We offer a unique partnership program.

If you want to make some extra cash and help protect the environment, then join our Star Energy Star Power Partner program. It's a program that pays you to help others go green. You can earn tens of thousands of dollars a year simply by referring people to our solar solutions. Get in touch to learn more about the program.

Go green with Star Energy Solar!

Here at Star Energy Solar, we believe everyone should be able to harness the sun's power to power their homes and businesses. That's why we make the conversion process as inclusive as possible. From the initial site evaluation all the way through maintenance years down the road, you can always rely on our experts to keep your home powered and your carbon footprint small.

You can learn more about our complete solar systems online, or get in touch to discover the tax credits available for your new system and to schedule your initial assessment.

4 Fun Facts About Star Energy Solar